and are proud to offer once again, our Almost Instant Replays (AIRs) replays of events that has recorded and webcast.

Back in 2014 we started listing our AIRs videos but the technology was just not good enough, so we suspended the AIRs site. Now in 2017 the technology has caught up with our good idea and we are in the process of recompiling 1000+ hours of webcasts from 2016 and now in 2017, rewriting our database system and getting our AIRs site up and going again.

Below you will find some help sections for you to use as you make your way through the new system. We will continue to expand this help section as the need arises.

Can the public see these videos?
Any one can signup for the free preview area, however in most cases we will only approve people directly involved with the association or shows in the list on a specific channel. This is a private webcast reviewing system and as such we reserve the right to only allow appropriate subscribers to the full access paid area. If you pay for a subscription and we can not allow you full access we will refund your payment.

How can I watch the free previews?
When you first go to any Channel you will see a menu on the top and then a registration and login area. The system will not allow you access to the previews until you register your email address and receive your access code. Once you login with email and access code the system will activate any available list links. Once you chick on the show of your choosing the timer begins and the system will refresh and load the subcription purchase page for that Channel. You can order a subcription or click on one of the shows for another preview.
When you purchase a subscription you get full unlimited viewing any AIRs on that Channel, no auto-refreshing.

I want to watch a Channel's videos with unlimited access, what do I need to do?
Once you register your email and get your access code you can login into the active files of a Channel. Within the top menu, to the far right you will see a help/ more infor. option and under it is an option to subscribe for full access. When you click it an order page will be loaded and you can subscribe for 1, 3 or 6 months unlimited access. We will active your account within 24 hours of payment. We manually do the activation to control who has full access, this helps us prevent non-horse people that may cause ay issues. We are a small company and want to make sure your viewing is good.

What is AIRs?
AIR's is an acronym for "Almost Instant ReplayS". An AIR is a webcast video file that save to our servers, and that will be available for you to view, usually with in 24 hours of then of the event. These files are NOT our High Quality HD video files that we sell at the event and online after the event. They are recorded webcast quality files that are watched live during the event and saved on our server. The quality and clearness of these webcast AIRs will vary and depend on the connection that was available at that specific arena/location.
When you purchase a subscription you get full unlimited viewing any AIRs on that Channel.

What is a channel?
A channel is a specific section of AIRs that has events related to each other, such as stock horse or barrels or dressage, etc. Each channel will have a drop down menu at the top that displays the various events that are included. Under each "event/HSW client" there are options that are either available for viewing or are coming soon. The coming soon option is used for shows to be done in the future and for shows that we working on to get them listed, usually from previous years.

How soon after an event's webcast will the AIR be available?
In most cases we plan to have the AIR available 24-48 hours after a show is over. On longer shows, 4 or more days, we will try to have a days AIR up during the show each day starting 1-2 days into the show. We will try to display more details event by event when you log into that shows section on the channel. That information will be appended the closer we get to each show's start date.

Newbie, Freebie, Subscriber: what's the difference?
A Newbie is a visitor that has not registered their email address nor received their account access code.
A Freebie is a person that has registered their email address and has received their account access code. Once you signup your email and receive your access code you can enter them and get access to see the lists of files for the channel of your choice. When you are in the FREE area the system will allow you to look at the file lists and the actual videos for up to 1 minute at a time.
A Subscriber is a person that has resisted their email address and has received their account access code and used the online ordering system to pay for either 1, 3 or 6 months full access to a channel of their choice. (We manage the subscriptions closely and verify as best we can who is wanting access, therefore it may take up to 24 hours for us to send you confirmation of your full access status once payment is received.)

What are the length and costs of the subscriptions?
There are 3 lengths of subscriptions and they are dependant on the channel's number events and videos. You can subscribe for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months full viewing access. Please look on the channel of your choice for the drop down option for pricing and subscription payment under the "Help/More Infor." section.

Subscription lengths?
To ensure that you get at least 30, 90 or 180 days access we decided to have our billing system allow your paid account to stay active until the end of the expiration month. So, for example, if you signup on May 14th for 1 month our system will allow you access until the last day of June even though it would normally end on June 14th. The same procedure applies to the 3 and 6 month subscription options. This ensures you get the access you pay for.

Are the AIR Videos for sale?
Yes they are available for purchase. If you purchase a day or a class AIR video you are ordering an exact copy of the one you are watching via the paid area. They come as is and have the overlays still on them. These can not be resold and are for your private use on your systems only. At this time we plan to keep all AIR's active for at least 2 years and maybe longer depending on the number we have online and the number of new ones we post. We will post a removal date on any events that we plan to remove. The price will vary from event to event and the day or class purchase options will also vary show to show.

Can I copy the AIRs Videos?
NO NO NO, NOT IN ANY FASHION. If we detect a video have been illegally copied or duplicated we will suspend the suspected viewer and no refunds will be paid.

Can I order High Quality HD videos of the lower quality webcast AIRs videos?
Yes, in most cases we will have HD videos of the AIRs you are watching. We will post a list of links to purchase HD files with details and pricing. If there are no links then there are none available to order.

Can I search for a specific run or class or person?
Not really. At this time we are posting the files as close to being for an entire day as possible. In some cases they may be by class, but having 1,300+ hours of videos and 10's of thousands of contestants just from 2016, it is not feasible at this time to have them by contestant. However, once you find the day or class AIR you can use the jump slider on the player to find the person you are looking for.

Why do some AIRs seem to "jump" from one go or class to the next?
In most cases we upload AIRs to the servers on the fly as the show is being webcast live which allows for a more smooth flow of the videos. This process allows complete videos being seen. Every once in a while we may have to crop out certain portions of an AIR for various reasons and this can case a minor "chop" in the transition. Also, on files from 2016 and earlier we have to re-webcast the show videos, to do that we have to string together the HD videos we saved and then replay them. We usually save HD files by the class or go, because of this it causes a slight "jump" when the system loads the next file.

Why does the audio seem to be speratic and non existent on some of the videos?
Each location has it's audio issues. Audio is harder to get correct then the video in many cases. We do the best we can with what we have available at any event. Some of them we can just hook into the announcer system and have no issues. At others we have to send a wireless signal across the arena and then if nothing else works we use the mic on the camera. With the first two listed above we do not control the music nor level nor content so we just have to do what we can with them. When we use our camera mic we usually get a good level but there is always added noise and voices that we can not control. As i mentioned, we do the best we can at each event.

I see that there are several channels. Can I signup for more then one?
Yes you can, but they are independent from each other and you must signup and subscribe to each one separately. If you will email us we can make both access codes the same for ease of use. Due to the diversity of the events we webcast we do not have a subscription for "ALL" the channels

It seems there are missing classes or the classes are not in order, why?
For the 2016 event videos we are having to re-webcast them from our backup files. Sometimes we just can not figure out the exact order or what date so we do the best we can. For the 2017 events we plan to have the system save the webcast videos as we send them live so any misplace classes will be at a minimum.